Travelling During the Monsoon Season

The monsoon season can be disruptive for many tourists planning their travels to South Asia, interrupting travel arrangements.

However, monsoon is not always negative. Rather than avoiding travel during these times, travellers should look for positive benefits of the season, and new destinations that they may not have otherwise considered.

Should You Avoid Travelling Altogether?

The monsoon season hitting Southern Asia does not mean that there will be complete rainfall without breaks. There are usually a number of breaks in the rainfall, especially in certain areas.

You can still plan a short visit to any destination commonly affected by monsoon weather (including Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other Asian countries). When rain does fall it tends to fall heavily for a long spell before clearing up again for a period. For this reason it would be unpleasant for you to have booked a long stay and be completely stuck due to a long period of rainfall!

Travelling to India During Monsoon Season

There are many areas that you'll want to avoid when it comes to travelling to India during monsoon season. However, take advantage of the fact that there are still beautiful destinations where the threat isn't so large:

Packmarhi: This is a colonial era hill station that is extremely popular during the season. Visitors can benefit from visiting the beautiful waterfalls and temples.

Coorg: This area is affected by the rain but it's also a generally pleasurable experience. Visitors to the area can benefit from viewing the beautiful coffee plantations.

Maharashtra: There are a number of small destinations here that all come alive during this time of year.

Travel Tips During the Season

You shouldn't be put off travelling during this season. However, you should expect the unexpected. Weather is extremely hard to predict, so you might find that your travel plans need to change at the last minute.

Firstly you should think about waiting nearer to the time to finalise your plans. This includes booking your hotel rooms and flights as near as possible to the date of travel, after you've had a chance to view the weather reports.

You should also remember that this season can be the peak season for destinations such as those listed above! Therefore you may need to book in advance if you are travelling to one of these areas. If your destination is more likely to be affected by the season then booking in advance is not advised - and hotels are usually flexible if you need to cancel because of the weather.

The good news is that flights will be a lot cheaper during this season, and experiencing the way that the locals welcome the rain with festivals and celebrations can be an eye-opening experience!